Implementation is where real traction in the marketplace begins for you. Our team at Hi-Tech Health has been developing, customizing and implementing Claims Administration Systems for the last 25 years. This continuity has enabled us to gain a tremendous amount of marketplace experience.

We know that customization and project planning are key efforts required to launch a successful implementation.

Project Planning

  • Implementation starts with a full understanding and online presentation of exactly what you will get. During this time, we identify personnel from both organizations that will take on key roles during the implementation period. Next, we record layouts and contact information for all people and data to be imported into the system (claims history, eligibility, logos, Group information, etc.), as well as vendors and vendor information as well. We then identify any changes and enhancements needed before the actual go live date. We work to get all those enhancements completed by implementation.
  • Any customization or enhancement to the system is completed in a real-time test environment. Once completed in the test environment, you will be able to test these changes at your own pace until comfortable. The final step is to move the enhancement from Test to Production. The whole process is very collaborative and regular calls or online meetings may be set up to ensure the process is running smoothly. As always, you can contact us via phone, email, or online meeting with any questions, concerns, or ideas.


  • Through online and in person meetings we can walk you through the system, starting with key features such as Client Administration for setting up your first Block of Business and Claims Administration for processing claims.
  • Three days of face to face training are included with start-up. From that point on, we rely heavily on email, telephone, and GoToMeeting support.


  • Hi-Tech Health’s Help Manual details all the functions within the Series 3000 Claims Administration System. The Help Manual is accessible through the system itself and is updated regularly with the release of any new enhancements or changes to the system.