The Hi-Tech Health back office team extends your team to help you grow quicker.

By outsourcing your back office operations to Hi-Tech, you can achieve huge cost cuts and concentrate on your core businesses.

ID Card Printing

  • ID Card Printing as a managed service gives you access to expensive printing equipment without having to purchase the hardware yourself. Through our Series 3000 Claims Administration System, you may customize these ID cards with your logo and specific text requirements. We can print replacement cards, new insured employee or dependent cards, or cards for an entire new group of business. We have the equipment and the experience to professionally print tens of thousands of new ID cards or one replacement card quickly for you.
  •  We offer a white box solution where we can mail the cards to directly to your insured in your branded packaging.

Other Things We Do

  • Enrollment Services  
  • Consolidated Billing  
  • Benefit Loading  
  • EDI Processing  
  • Data Entry / Scanning  
  • Claims Adjudication  
  • Mail Room Processing